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About Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

As the only maritime university in Japan, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology conducts education and research under the motto, "Know the sea, protect the sea, and use the sea." I am trying to do it.

PHILOSOPHYPhilosophy of our university

To contribute to the sustainable development of human society,
Conduct basic and applied education and research related to science and technology related to the ocean.

About the symbol mark
A young force that sails into the ocean on the back of big waves.In addition, the research on the ocean and the course of passion are visualized with the fish's dorsal fin, expressing strength and toughness.
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HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTHuman resource development and goals

In order for Japan to develop as a maritime nation and play a role in international contribution, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, the only maritime university in Japan, will provide education to "know the sea, protect the sea, and use the sea." It is necessary to fulfill its mission as a central base for research.Based on this basic point of view, our university conducts comprehensive education and research on the ocean, centering on the training of highly specialized professionals, including researchers, and cultivates human resources with the following abilities and qualities.

  1. Ability to deepen scientific understanding of the ocean and propose and implement desirable policies for utilizing the natural environment
  2. Ability to think logically, make appropriate judgments, and act with a sense of responsibility towards society
  3. Practical leadership ability to understand, recognize, and respond to the broader issues of modern society
  4. Abundant humanity, wide-ranging education, problem-seeking and problem-solving skills based on deep specialized knowledge and skills
  5. A wide range of perspectives, abilities, and cultural knowledge that serve as the foundation for international exchange

UNIVERSITY VISIONuniversity statue

A world-class, outstanding university that produces leaders in the industry, government, and academia who are active internationally in the maritime field.

Vision 2040-Ocean, to the future beyond-

At Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, we have summarized the medium- to long-term direction that Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology should take as "Vision 2040" toward a future that is difficult for anyone to imagine in 2040, and have formulated and announced an action plan. increase.We will share this "Vision 2040" with everyone who has an interest in Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, including stakeholders (students, faculty and staff, alumni, related industries and people in the local community). We will build a system and operate the university independently, autonomously, and strategically.

1Education field
We guarantee high-quality education that enables students to feel the fruits of their learning through our creative and practical education programs. produce human resources.
2field of study
In order to realize a sustainable society in harmony with nature, we will create innovations that make full use of advanced science and technology through close collaboration with ocean-related industries, and conduct research to promote their social implementation.
3Internationalization field
We will build a global education and research network, create an environment suitable for co-creation with domestic and foreign stakeholders, and realize a hub for knowledge and human resources.
4Social/regional cooperation field
Based on the realization of Society 5.0 and the transition to a knowledge-intensive society, we will lead the creation of regional co-creation bases in Japan and overseas, and contribute to social change and the development of the marine industry.
5Management and operation field
Establish an advanced university governance system and systematically develop human resources for corporate management.In addition, we will secure various financial resources and establish a management model for sustainable growth of the university.As for faculty and staff, we will appoint a diverse range of human resources, and through appropriate training and performance evaluation, we will create a work environment where each person can fully demonstrate their abilities.

Mid-term goal/Mid-term plan

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