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Access information and campus maps for Shinagawa Campus and Etchujima Campus will be posted.If you are visiting the university or entering the campus by car, please see here.

Route Map

Route Map

Shinagawa Campus (Faculty of Marine Life Science/Faculty of Marine Resources and Environment)

Shinagawa campus map

108-8477-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5-7
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TEL: 03-5463-0400 (Representative)


  • About 10 minutes on foot from JR Line / Keikyu Line Shinagawa Station Konan Exit (East Exit)
  • About 15 minutes from Tokyo Monorail Tennozu Isle Station to the main gate across "Fureai Bridge"
  • About 20 minutes from Tennozu Isle Station on the Rinkai Line to the main gate after crossing the Fureai Bridge

Etchujima Campus (Faculty of Ocean Engineering)

Etchujima Campus Map

135-8533-2 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 1-6
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TEL: 03-5245-7300 (Representative)


  • About 2 minutes on foot from JR Keiyo Line/Musashino Line Etchujima Station (local trains only)
  • About 10 minutes on foot from Monzen-Nakacho Station on the Tozai Line and Oedo Line
  • About 10 minutes on foot from Tsukishima Station on the subway Yurakucho Line/Oedo Line

Campus map

Shinagawa Campus

Shinagawa campus map

1 Guardhouse 13 Building 7/Marine Research Strategy Management Organization 25 University Library
2 Health Administration Center 14 Radioisotope Center 26 University Hall
3 Staff meeting place 15 Hydraulic Model Laboratory 27 Lecture Building
4 Headquarters administration building 16 Wastewater treatment facility 28 Building 5
5 Chubu Auditorium 17 Building 8 29 Budokan
6 Circulation Water Tank Experiment Building 18 Building 9 30 Physical education management and training camp facility
7 Building 1 19 Student Dormitory (Hotaka Dormitory) 31 Extracurricular activity facilities
8 Building 2 20 International House 32 Special Experiment Building/General Information Technology Center
9 Breeding Laboratory 21 Hakutakakan 33 Gymnasium
10 Building 3 22 Rakusui Kaikan 34 Fishery Machinery Experiment and Training Building
11 Building 4 23 Marine Science Museum 35 boat house
12 Building 6 24 Whale Gallery 36 Extracurricular activity facilities

Etchujima Campus

Etchujima Campus Map

1 Guardhouse 11 Marine Research Strategy Management Organization 21 Extracurricular Activity Building
2 Marine Research Strategy Management Organization Etchujima Open Laboratory Building 12 Etchujima Annex Library 22 Sports Management Building
3 Building 1 13 Building 2 23 Vessel Navigation Performance Experiment Tank Building
4 Centennial Museum 14 Etchujima Kaikan 24 Student Dormitory (Kaio Dormitory)
5 Meiji Maru 15 Marine Cafe
(World Marine Cafe)
25 XNUMXth Anniversary Hall
6 Experiment Building 1 16 Experiment Building 4 26 Gymnasium
7 Turbo Power Test Building 17 Experiment Building 5 27 International House
8 Experiment Building 2 18 Building 3 28 Staff dormitory
9 Staff Hall 19 No. 1 Boathouse 29 Ship Engine Room Simulator Center Building
10 Experiment Building 3 20 No. 2 Boathouse 30 Meiji Maru Memorial Museum

Virtual campus tour

You can experience a virtual campus tour of our university. (You can also see photos of the interior of the building.)

Shinagawa Campus

Etchujima Campus

google maps street view

In front of the main gate of Shinagawa Campus

In front of the front gate of Etchujima Campus

Etchujima Campus "Building No. 2"

Etchujima Campus "Meiji Maru"

Guide to historic sites

Shinagawa Campus

  • 1.Unyo-Maru
  • 2.Fisheries Museum / Whale Gallery
  • 3.Chubu Auditorium
  • 4.Norwegian whaling gun
  • 5.Statue of Ichijiro Itani
  • 6.Statue of Mr. Matsubara
  • 7.Fisheries Monument

Etchujima Campus

  • 1.Important Cultural Property Meiji Maru
  • 2.Building No. XNUMX
  • 3.Etchujima Kaikan
  • 4.Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
  • 5.First Observatory
  • 6.Observation deck No.XNUMX
  • 7.GEO Ramsey Monument
  • 8.evocation monument
  • 9.spirit immortal monument
  • 10.Captain Suga Memorial Statue
  • 11.Tree planting monument
  • 12.Centennial Museum
  • 13.anchor tower
  • 14.Screw propeller, anchor of the first Shioji Maru
  • 15.Basalt/Stalactite
  • 16.Moored Training Ship Meiji Maru Monument
  • 17.All-weather lifeboat
  • 18.Destroyer "Akebono" Cylinder
  • 19.Condenser/circulating water pump
  • 20.Meijimaru Memorial Hall

About university tour

Campus tours of our university are conducted as follows, so please check the points below and make the necessary applications.

1.Visitable places and advance reservations

  • You are free to visit the public outdoor areas of the campus (excluding restricted areas with notices, etc.) and the university co-op cafeteria.Regarding the use of the co-op cafeteria and purchasing Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Co-op HomepagePlease check the latest status.
  • Please refrain from entering educational and research facilities such as lecture buildings (classrooms) and research buildings.
  • If you wish to visit or use the following facilities, please check the opening status on each facility's website and make a reservation for use with each facility as necessary.

We do not provide guides or escorts to show around multiple facilities by our staff.If you wish to visit multiple facilities, please make individual reservations for each facility.

[Inquiries regarding tours and reservations]

Shinagawa Campus Facilities
Marine Science Museum *Reservation required for groups of 20 or more
E-mail: museum(at)

Regardless of the number of people, please inquire at least 10 days before the desired tour date.
E-Mail: jo-joho1(at) (Section XNUMX, Information Service, Academic Information Division)

Etchujima Campus Facilities
Meiji Maru Maritime Museum
(Meiji Maru, Meiji Maru Memorial Hall, XNUMXth Anniversary Museum)
Please be sure to contact us in advance if you are visiting with more than 10 people.
E-mail: meijimaru-jimu(at)
*Guide available, see Meijimaru Maritime Museum website for details
University Library Etchujima Annex

Regardless of the number of people, please inquire at least 10 days before the desired tour date.
E-mail: jo-joho2(at) (Academic Information Division Information Service Section XNUMX))

Entrance examination briefing session (for 2nd and 3rd year high school students, 10 or more)

If you wish to attend an entrance examination briefing session at our university, please contact us at least 10 days before the desired date.

E-mail: n-nyusi1(at) (Entrance Examination Section XNUMX)

* If it overlaps with the entrance examination season (December to March) or university events, we may not be able to accommodate you if we cannot secure an explainer.

*Please replace (at) with @ when sending an e-mail.

2.Campus tour hours

8:30-17:00 (Excluding entrance examination days, school event days, etc.)

Please note that access to the campus may be restricted without prior notice, so please check the latest information on the university website before visiting.

3.About university pamphlets, etc.

Guidebooks for prospective students, university overviews, etc. are distributed at the entrance examination section on the 1st floor of the Shinagawa Campus administration building, and on the 1st floor of Building No. 1 on the Etchujima Campus. please give me.

Four.When entering the campus, please comply with the "Precautions when visiting (common)".

Precautions (Common)

  1. The university opens its campuses to the general public for the purpose of providing them with educational and research activities.It is strictly prohibited to make a sightseeing course for a tour trip that is not directly related to this purpose, to widely recruit participants under the name of "Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology", to attract customers or to use it for commercial purposes.
  2. Please observe the rules and manners on campus, such as keeping quiet.
  3. You can visit the outdoor common areas of the campus (excluding restricted areas with notices, etc.), the cafeteria of the university co-op, and facilities that can be visited, but you cannot enter the lecture buildings (classrooms) and research buildings.Please refrain from entering without permission.
  4. The university will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur during the tour.
  5. In addition, when visiting the university, please follow the instructions of the faculty and staff of the university.
  6. As a general rule, on-campus parking is not available, so please use public transportation.


108-8477-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 5-7
Public Relations Office, General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
TEL: 03-5463-1609 FAX: 03-5463-0359
E-mail: so-koho(at)

*Please replace (at) with @ when sending an e-mail.