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We will introduce facilities that support our distinctive educational and research activities, such as five training ships owned by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and five stations established for practical education and advanced research in the field.



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Registered tangible cultural property "Unyomaru"

Unyo Maru is a barque-type sailing ship built in 42.

During the 42 years from May 5 to August 4, he made 1929 voyages and made many contributions to whaling training, fisheries research, student training, fishing techniques and gear development. In the processing of catches, the company succeeded in producing canned crab on board, and became a pioneer of later large-scale crab processing ships.

It was relocated to its current location on the Shinagawa Campus in 37, and was registered as a registered tangible cultural property on December 1962, 10.

[Registered tangible cultural property (registration: December 10, 12, registration number: No. 11-13)]