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Last Update : 2012-02-29 13:20

Japanese government scholarship students

The Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - MEXT) has three ways of selecting scholarship students.

(1)Embassy recommendation: A first selection (application, written exam, interview) is made through Japan’s embassies and consulates abroad. Successful candidates are then designated by a MEXT committee after consulting the relevant university.

(2)University recommendation: This process applies to universities and departments that have concluded an exchange program with an institution outside Japan, as well as research institutions that engage in joint research programs. Candidates are recommended by the university, and then screened by a MEXT committee.

(3)Domestic selection: This process applies to self-financed students already enrolled in a Japanese university who are either in the last year of an undergraduate course, already engaged in a graduate course, or about to advance to the next graduate level. Candidates are recommended by the university, and then screened by a MEXT committee.

In principle, all undergraduate government scholarship students spend one year studying the Japanese language at either the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or the Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
Research students recommended by a Japanese embassy whose Japanese level is deemed insufficient spend 6 months studying the Japanese language, before taking an entrance examination and formally entering a graduate course.

Please see more detail in "STUDY IN JAPAN"

Self-financed international students

(1) International students who don’t receive a scholarship from the Japanese government are designated as “self-financed international students”
(2) Some governments dispatch students to Japan at their own cost for training purposes. At present, students in Japan under this category come from 7 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. These students are considered “self-financed” because they are not funded by the Japanese government.

Scholarships for regular students

The following scholarships are available for international students (Japanese government scholarship students and students dispatched by foreign governments are excepted).

1.Japanese government scholarships (selection within Japan)
A call for applications is displayed on the notice board every year in October.
Recommended students pass a first selection round based on their applications. Nine of them are selected for a second round of interviews and final approval by the International Students Committee.
On average, up to one scholarship is awarded every year to an undergraduate student, and between two and three to graduate students. In some years, only one scholarship is granted.

Recipients: regular students
Amount: undergraduate level: 123,600 yen per month
graduate level: 156,000 yen per month
(figures as of April 2011, may change depending on the budget allocated by the Ministry of Education)
2.Private scholarships
1 Scholarships awarded upon recommendation by the university
Candidates to this type of scholarships are required to take an interview in May. Candidates undergo a first round (applications) and second round (interviews) of selection, after which they are ranked by the International Students Committee. Outstanding students are then recommended in this order for a scholarship.
Please refer to the table below for scholarships awarded to students recommended by their university. On average, up to 2 students are selected every year (the JASSO Honors Scholarship is awarded to 3 undergraduate and 10 graduate students).

(Note: JASSO Honors Scholarship recipients are required to sign a register by a set date every month. Failure to do so results in the suspension of the scholarship for that month. Please contact the International Students Section or the Student Support Section if you anticipate that you will be unable to sign the register on time.)

List of scholarships awarded upon recommendation by the university

Foundation name Application period Recipients Monthly amount Duration
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
early to mid-May undergraduate and graduate students undergraduate 48,000 yen
graduate 65,000 yen
1 year
JGC-S Scholarship Foundation May to October undergraduate and graduate students  250,000 yen (one-time only) (one-time only)
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation August 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students, graduate students undergraduate 100,000 yen
graduate 140,000 yen
up to 2 years
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation August undergraduate and graduate students undergraduate 100,000 yen
graduate 120,000 yen
up to 2 years
Hasegawa International Scholarship Foundation November undergraduate and graduate students living in Tokyo   80,000 yen 2 years
Akimoto Tatsunoko International Scholarship Foundation December undergraduate and graduate students  100,000 yen 1 year
Lotte International Scholarship Foundation December undergraduate and graduate students  180,000 yen 2 years
Kambayashi International Scholarship Foundation January graduate students  120,000 yen up to 2 years
Sagawa Scholarship Foundation March Students from Southeast Asia: 3rd-year undergraduates, 2nd-year Master’s, 3rd-year PhD  100,000 yen 2 years
Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation July Undergraduate and graduate students from Southeast Asia undergraduate 120,000 yen
graduate 180,000 yen
2 years

- The list of foundations is based on scholarships awarded in 2010 and is subject to change.
- The definition of recipients is subject to change.
- Some scholarships impose an age limit. For more information, please contact the International Students Section (ext. 0436).

 2 Private scholarships awarded through direct application
Information about this type of scholarships is posted on the notice boards. Please check them regularly.