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Academic Exchange Agreements

Last Update : 2016-03-04 13:59
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology has concluded agreements for academic and educational exchange and cooperation with universities abroad(100 in 34 countries/regions) as follows: The universities marked with an * have contracts with the University for exchange of students.

Countries Universities Concluded
Asia China Ocean University of China Sep.2, 1991 *
Dalian Maritime University Oct.6, 1993 *
Harbin Commercial University Oct.4, 1995 *
Shanghai Maritime University Nov.2, 1995 *
Dalian Ocean University Jun.20, 1997 *
Shanghai Ocean University Jul.23, 1997 *
Guangdong Ocean University Nov.8, 1999 *
College of Sciences,Shanghai University Nov.14, 2001
Zhejiang Ocean University Aug.6, 2002 *
East China University of Science and Technology Aug.31, 2004 *
Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences Mar.1, 2005
Wuhan University of Technology Jan.9, 2006
Jimei University Jun.25, 2010 *
East China Normal University Aug.22, 2011 *
School of Biological Science, The University of Hong Kong Jul. 23, 2014 *
Taiwan National Taiwan Ocean University Oct.16, 2005 *
National Kaohsiung Hsiung Marine University Mar.16, 2006 *
College of Science, National Taiwan University Jul. 17, 2014 *
National Museum of Marine Science and Technology(Taiwan) Oct. 6, 2015
Indonesia Bogor Agricultural University Feb.15, 1994 *
Maritime Higher Education & Training Institute Jul.25, 2001
Sam Ratulangi University Jan.16, 2002 *
Pattimura University Jan.18, 2005
Riau University Jan.25, 2005
Diponegoro University Jan.25, 2005 *
Mulawarman University Jan.25, 2005
Hasanuddin University Mar.17, 2005 *
Korea Pukyong National University Mar.28, 1990 *
Chonnam National University Jul.30, 1996 *
Korea Maritime and Ocean University Dec.23, 1997 *
Gyeongsang National University Sep.10, 1999
Mokpo National Maritime University May.27, 2004 *
Cheju National University Apr.25, 2006
University of Incheon Mar.2, 2009
Korea Maritime Institute Jan.19, 2012
College of Agriculture and Life Science, Kangwon National University Oct.29, 2013
Philippines University of the Philippines in the Visayas Dec.16, 1999 *
University of the Philippines Diliman Dec.13, 2004
University of San Carlos Aug. 4, 2014 *
Vietnam Vietnam Maritime University Feb.24, 2005
Nha Trang University Aug.21, 2006 *
Can Tho University Feb.27, 2012 *
Thailand Kasetsart University Dec.16, 1996 *
Chulalongkorn University Feb.22, 2000 *
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Dec.25, 2000
Prince of Songkla University Apr.22, 2003 *
National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry, Thailand Mar.9, 2012
Walai Lak University Jul.9, 2015
Mae Fah Luang University Apr.29, 2015 *
Singapore Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore Aug.1, 2013
Nanyang Technological University Sep.17,2014
Myanmar Myanmar Maritime University Aug.23, 2013
Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Mar. 13, 2014
Mawlamyaing University Mar. 11, 2015
University of Yangon Jul. 1, 2015
Malaysia Universiti Malaysia Sabah Oct. 24, 2014 *
Middle East Turkey Faculty of Fisheries,Ege University Sep.18, 1998 *
Istanbul University Jan.8, 2001 *
Maritime Faculty, Istanbul Technical University Nov.14, 2001
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Dec.12, 2002 *
Faculty of Fisheries, Akdeniz University Jun.10, 2008 *
Faculty of Fisheries, Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University Jun.10, 2008 *
Oceania Australia University of Tasmania Jan.21, 2010 *
Flinders University Faculty of Science and Technology Apr.10, 2003 *
ACE CRC Jan.8, 2016
Fedarated State of Micronesia College of Micronesia-FSM Feb.11,2010
Africa Egypt Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport Mar.27, 2001
Republic of Namibia University of Namibia May.18, 2009 *
Europe Iceland Matis Oct.29, 1999
University of Iceland Oct.29, 1999 *
University of Akureyri Mar.10, 2009 *
Netherlands University of Amsterdam Jan.26, 1993
Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production, Delft University of Technology Dec.15, 1997
Sweden ITN Linköping University Mar.4, 2002
Poland Gdynia Maritime University May.5, 2005
Norway The Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromso Dec.13, 1993
Norwegian University of Science and Technology May.2, 2001
University of Nordland Dec.28, 2005 *
Spain Technical University of Catalonia Apr.1, 2004
Serbia Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade Apr.1, 2004
United Kingdom University of Stirling Apr.27, 1995
Germany Baltic Sea Research Institute Apr.24, 2008
Russia Maritime State University, Named after Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Feb.1, 2002 *
Kazakhstan Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications Named after M.Tynyshpayev Mar.3, 2008
North America Canada University of Victoria Nov.8, 1994 *
U.S.A. Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Oct.21, 1993
United States Merchant Marine Academy Mar.14, 1995
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California,San Diego Feb.27, 1996
California Maritime Academy Jun.25, 2001
University of Hawai‘i Mānoa Jul.8, 2003
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth May.31, 2005 *
University of Florida Sep.14, 2009
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Jul.27, 2012
Central and South
Costa Rica University of Costa Rica Nov.24, 2004
Brazil Federal University of Ceara Jun.20, 1995
University of São Paulo Oct.24, 2007 *
Peru National Agrarian University "la Molina" Oct.31, 2007 *
Argentina National University of San Martín May.27, 2008
Republic of Colombia Universidad Nacional de Colombia Apr.11, 2013
Chile Catholic University of Temuco Oct.16, 2013

As of March 1, 2016